Tayvin Knight Photography specializes in personalized product narrative and content promotion through the use of visual artistry. To achieve a unique narrative for any given product, Tayvin Knight Photography uses a Point-of-View structure to identify every product variable to tailer-make a visual message that best suits the product with the consumer while also taking into account how and where the message will be delivered.

Taylor Garvin is a commercial photographer and founder of Tayvin Knight Photography. After receiving his Masters Degree from the London Film School in early 2003, Taylor started his career as a Director of Photography shooting tabletop for various agencies across the United States. From there he moved to conceptual advertising by use of still photography. Taylor quickly learned that standard photography was disappearing in advertising, so he began using image manipulation, compositing, and advanced storytelling to attract new clients. Since starting in still photography, Taylor has won numerous advertising awards and has worked for clients such as, Square 1, Metro PCS, Albertsons, Fame, True Results, Sony, and hundreds more. Taylor Garvin currently lives in Dallas, Texas.

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Author: Taylor Garvin

May 2013

If you haven't heard the news then you may not know that Adobe will not longer offer software licensing after CS6. Instead Adobe has chosen something they call the "Creative Cloud." There's very little that is cloud about it, but it sounds more natural. Customers will now have to rent software from Adobe for a monthly price. As an owner of many Photoshop programs, Adobe promises that I will only have to pay $9.99 a month to use the new Creative Cloud Photoshop for the first year. What it will cost after that is anyone's guess? This also means that once you start a Cloud project you will only be able re-edit the project on the Cloud system. In essence you're stuck with Adobe for your natural life. Adobe has betrayed its customers I will have no more of it. And let's not forget, Adobe hasn't made a innovative upgrade in the past six years. It's just the same program in a different package every two years.

Tayvin Knight Photography will no longer create free photoshop tutorials or anything else that promotes Adobe software. Expect my future tutorials to be about all the alternative software packages that are already available. Adobe turned on us and now it's time for them suffer the consequences.

Video : Photoshop CS6 Creating a Cinemagraph Tutorial by Taylor Garvin


Just finished a quick tutorial on how to creat a Cinemagraph or animated gif in Photoshop CS6. It's really easy and great way to procrastinate.

Video : Levels Masking Tutorial by Taylor Garvin


Well, it has been a while, but here's my latest photoshop tutorial. It's on Levels Masking and is great if you're a beginner to photoshop. Masking has become essential in commercial and advertising photography. Plus, it's non-destructive.


The D800e is the first Nikon product I have ever purchased and I must say it's the best camera purchase I have ever made. I didn't buy the camera for the megapixels or the dynamic range. No, I bought the D800e because it is the first full-frame DSLR that doesn't have an anti-aliasing filter. What does this mean? More information and crisper images to work with.

I've been a Canon shooter since I started in photography and Canon has served me well. But for the past year I've been trying to take my photography to another place and my 5D II started becoming a limitation. The images no longer seemed sharp enough for me and some of the information looked dirty. I was looking at Medium Format due to the lack of anti-aliasing filter, but the price wasn't worth it in the end. Luckily, Nikon announced the D800e and I knew it was time to switch brands.

After a month of testing the D800e - I'm completely sold. The range and sharpness of this beast has now made me the limitation of this camera. I think that's where we should all be with technology. I did some test shots at 3pm in the harsh Texas sun and found that I still had information in the blacks. This would have been unthinkable with the 5D. I also found that the little bit of extra sharpness I get has opened a whole new door for me. Now I normally say "a camera is a camera," but this camera is different. Hopefully, I can get into more detail in the future.


Are you thinking about getting into astrophotography, but you don't have any money? Well, here's a cheap and easy way to fulfill your dreams and let you see and create any type of astrophotography you desire. Build it in Photoshop!

I'm always thinking about shooting astrophotography for fun. Now I don't like to do many things on the cheap, but when I looked at prices for motorized heads that rotate with the earth; I said "no way." Instead I went online and studied a few tutorials about creating your own universe through photoshop. I still have a lot to learn, but this was very fun and it gave me a few more ideas to pitch to clients. Do a few searches for photoshop + stars, galaxies, etc... It's pretty amazing what you find and what people out there can do.


I'm proud to announce that I took 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place at the 2012 PX3 in Advertising and Fine Art.


Just wanted to let everyone know that I have a couple of tutorials on Youtube. They are both masking tutorials and are essential for photoshop. Use the Youtube icon below to view.


May 2013 - Graphis names Taylor Garvin one of the top 100 Photographers in the Americas.

September 2012 - Awarded 8 Honorable Mentions at the 2012 International Photography Awards in Advertising, Portrait, and Fine Art

July 2012 - 1ST & 3RD Place - Advertising - 2012 Prix De La Photographie

July 2012 - 2ND Place - Fine Art - 2012 Prix De La Photography

December 2011 - 1ST PLACE - Advertising - 2011 International Loupe Awards

November 2011 - One Gold and Eight Silver Awards - Advertising - 2011 International Loupe Awards

August 2011 - 3RD PLACE - Digitally Enhanced - 2011 International Photography Awards

August 2011 - Awarded 12 HONORABLE MENTIONS - Adverising, Portrait, Digitally Enhanced - 2011 IPA

July 2011 - 1ST PLACE - Advertising - 2011 PX3 People's Choice Award

June 2011 - Silver Award - Print - 2011 Prix De La Photographie

June 2011 - Bronze Aaward - Advertising - 2011 Prix De La Photographie

February 2011 - 2011 Hasselblad Masters Finalist

November 2010 - 8TH PLACE - Advertising - 2010 International Aperture Awards

November 2010 - Awarded Two Silver and Five Bronze Awards - Advertising and Portrait - 2010 International Aperture Awards

August 2010 - Awarded 2 HONORABLE MENTIONS - Advertising - 2010 International Photography Awards

June 2010 - 3RD PLACE - Advertising - 2010 Prix De La Photographie


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